100 New Jobs Created by the Opening of Connected Health Plus

100 New Jobs Created by the Opening of Connected Health Plus

Pictured left to right: Amy McEvoy, Registered Manager, Connected Health Plus; Douglas Adams, CEO, Connected Health Group; Mark Lawrenson, Liverpool FC Legend; Tim Jones, Managing Director, Connected Health Plus and Gareth Farrelly, former Everton FC footballer.

The community of Southport has united to celebrate the opening of a unique organisation who are connecting innovation with care in the home.

Through a blend of in-home technology and quality care Connected Health Plus have this week begun delivering unique Support services for people who wish to continue living independently in their own home. During the grand opening it was announced that over 100 new homecare, training and support posts are to be created in the Sefton area during 2019. The company’s vision is to open an additional 30 homecare businesses generating thousands of career opportunities through their ConnectedAcademy over the next 5 years.

Leading the business are Tim Jones and Amy McEvoy who are backed by Connected Health Group who themselves celebrated their 8th year of continuous success in both Northern and Republic of Ireland.

The event was attended by Liverpool FC legend Mark Lawrenson who has seen first-hand the difference quality care in the home can have for a loved one; along with former Everton footballer Gareth Farrelly who suffered a life-threatening aneurysm. Farrelly’s recovery took nine months and included daily home visits from local district nurses and community care workers.

Tim Jones, Managing Director of Connected Health Plus, said: “This business is a dream come true for me. We hold protected values that ensure our services are amongst the best. The journey will be exciting for our team and we are very grateful to welcome Mark, Gareth and so many people who are dedicated to improve the physical and mental well-being of so many of the vulnerable adults who live in our community today. They, like us, firmly believe everyone has the right to live well in a place they feel the most happy and familiar – at home.

Our approach is unique as we connect the latest leading technology with care and support services that meets our Clients desired needs and outcomes; whilst concurrently delivering seamless updates and communication with the people important to the Client so they are given the peace of mind and reassurance that “mum” is safe so they can concentrate on their own career and families”.

Operations Manager, Amy McEvoy added “I’m very passionate about ensuring any Client of mine would receive the highest levels of care; and their families would be communicated with effectively. This belief was heightened further after I felt the impact that poor care gave to my Dad and my family. I was the the Care Manager of a homecare business that became the first provider in the UK to achieve an “Outstanding” rating from the regulator Care Quality Commission which I am incredibly proud of as such an accolade is rare.

My vision is to help transform how homecare is delivered through effective technology and partnership working with the likes of Connected Health, Elemental Social Prescribing and Tesco to give our time and effort back to the people in our community.”

Left to Right: Julie Cordner, Lorraine Corr, Ryan Williams, Douglas Adams, Tim Jones, Amy McEvoy & Theresa Morrison.

Damien Moore, MP for Southport, who sits on the Governments Science and Technology Committee provided the following message: “To see such an authentic passion for promoting independence and well-being is vital for our society. Organisations such as Connected Health Plus are enabling vulnerable people to live better in the place they are most happy – at home and within the community. What is so impressive, and intriguing, is their ability to connect innovation and care. They operate a digital platform that links the Client with those most important to them, so that they receive transparent and real-time reassurance that their loved ones are safe.”

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